Join Expert Financial Coaches as they share their Inside Tricks to Building a Thriving Coaching Business

Healthy dose of support, effective coaching tips, and advice you wish you had when you began.

Financial Coach Meetup

From 6:00pm - 7:00pm Central

Starts at 6:00pm Central
Hosted on Zoom 

Tuesday, June 18th at 6:00pm – 7:00pm Central

Coaches in Coach Connections enjoy learning from each other

An exclusive members-only opportunity to take the deep-dive into the Coach Connections formula:

  • Collaboration over competition (we’re creating a bigger pie together!)
  • Customized frameworks for individual problems
  • Smart, effective techniques backed by solid research

Meet a solid panel of experts, learn the tricks of the trade, and ask them your burning questions in the breakout rooms.

Knowledge only grows when you share it, and we can’t wait to share our insights with you!

Erica Delicata - Financial Coach

"When I first started as a Financial Coach, I felt lost in where to start. I had so many questions and wasn't able to find the answers I needed to get started and serve clients. Then I found the Coach Connections Virtual Meetups! They were amazing! I could go and ask questions from veteran coaches who had been in the business and knew what they were doing! I found so much support and free resources that is allowed me to really hit the ground running! I would encourage any financial coaches or aspiring coaches to definitely check it out! You will get answers and support that you need to start growing your business." — Erica Delicata

Connect, learn, and grow with the finest.

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Coach Connections coaches keep each other accountable

Jennifer Fontanilla - Financial Coach

"Whenever you have the opportunity to learn from other coaches who have tried different things in the financial coaching space, take advantage, take notes, and be open minded. I always find it valuable to learn from other coaches and listen to what had worked and not worked for them. I'm all about not reinventing the wheel. The virtual Meetups allow you to get an inside glimpse of what you can expect and help you decide what you want to do. The support is amazing." — Jennifer Fontanilla

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Connect, learn, and grow with the finest.

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