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And build your business while doing it

Coaches in Coach Connections enjoy learning from each other

Being a financial coach isn’t easy.

When I started my career back in 2008, I had no idea what I was doing.

Coaching was a relatively new field then ( ‘so, what do you actually do for a living?’ was a staple at Thanksgiving dinners) and I had to work alone to find all the resources I needed to grow my business, get new clients, and truly serve my community.

But, it was easier said than done.

When I wasn’t going down a rabbit hole of self-help books, I was taking courses that weren’t really teaching me anything new.

I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

Until I reached out to others like me

Once I dismissed the mindset that other financial coaches were my competition, I began seeing them for what they were: the most invaluable resource for my growth.

Talking to them allowed me to improve upon my weaknesses, embellish my strengths, and solve problems I could’ve never tackled on my own.

And eventually, not only did my own business start to grow, but so did that of everyone’s in my coaching group.

We weren’t just using each other’s strategies to further our own revenue. We were motivating each other, bouncing off of each other, and fueling each other, so ALL of us could grow together.

And that’s when I realized one crucial thing:

Collaboration is ALWAYS more fulfilling than competition

I wanted that for other coaches too.

Which is why I founded

Coach Connections!

coaches who connect and hold each other accountable

Coach Connections

Everything you need to create and run your coaching business as well as serve your clients


From the moment you’re talking to someone, to the first scheduled conversation, to your first paid offering, and beyond. We give you everything you need to maximize the impact you have on your client, while making the process as effortless as possible for you.


With Coach Connections, you’ll be a part of a Membership that:

  • Puts YOU at the forefront with customizable and tailored-to-you processes so you can see tangible results
  • Gives you the coaching community you were always looking for, accountability partners, expert guidance, and more
  • Helps you build your business with the right combination of mentorship, technical guidance, and live training sessions
  • Gives you the tools to up your marketing so you can ace your client game every single time
  • Provides you with 300+ FREE coaching resources as well as scores of other membership-exclusive videos, seminars, and guides
  • Saves you from overwhelm and gives you time to focus on the important stuff. How? At Coach Connections, you have tried-and-true systems that are ready to go, so you don’t have to worry about building your business up from scratch!

If you’ve ever wanted to build a coaching business that felt authentic to you while still being successful, Coach Connections is your one-way ticket to get there.

freedom to be authentic in your coaching business

With us, you get instant access to the combined knowledge of 150+ coaches, a unique set of skills tailored to YOUR specialty, and a platform where you can gain new clients.

knowlege, skills, resources available instantly

This is your chance to build your business on your terms while still connecting with a network of people ready to help you whenever you face a roadblock.

encouragement and support as you build your coaching business

“(I’ve received) more support and value in Coach Connections than any other program I’ve been in… and I’ve been in a lot of programs”

Estelle, G

The Membership and I go way back

Hi, I’m Dave Jacobson!

Coach Connections was born off of my desire to connect coaches.

But, it goes way deeper than that.

In 2008 financial coaching was a fairly new concept.Most people confused it with being an investment adviser. During the research stage of my business, I interviewed about 20 coaches and found that only one of them was making money.

That was an insane number to me.

But, things just got worse.

Later on, I invested in a very well-known financial coach training program, hoping to build my skills.

However, when it came to equipping me to coach and build a coaching business, it left me poorly prepared.

I remember feeling like there was something wrong with me for not getting enough out of such a popular program.

Years later I found out that of the 2500+ coaches that went through their program only 15-20 were making a living by coaching.

It became obvious that if I was going to thrive as a coach I had to do things differently.

My ‘different’ was intentionally connecting with other financial coaches.

Over time, I found a core group of coaches that understood the concept that we can build a bigger pie vs. fighting over a small piece.

We collaborated to overcome obstacles we were facing with specific clients and scaling our business.

That became the foundation for Coach Connections.

The reason I decided to formalize the membership is not because I wanted to profit off it.

I wanted the best practices, materials, resources, and guides for coaches to use so we can help our clients to the best of our ability.

Coaching is my life and blood.

I want to help other coaches discover their own passion, connect with a supportive network, and gain the tools needed to actually move the needle in their businesses.

And through Coach Connections, you’ll have direct access to me as well as scores of other experts who will guide you, open important doors, and help you start conversations in the industry.


“I’ve seen an incredible transformation in my business since joining Coach Connections. In just 3 months I quadrupled my business income through the year. I’m so thankful to Dave and the rest of the community”

Grayson, S

Before we move any further, let’s break down the basics

If you sign up for the Coach Connections membership today, here’s exactly what you’ll receive:

coach training starts with orientation

The Orientation Program

As soon as you sign up, you’ll go through a five-month crash course we like to call ‘Orientation’ to onboard you on our core best practices, systems, processes, guides, and resources we’ve perfected since 2009.

Why is Orientation so important?

It’s the only way you can learn to ‘speak the same language’ as our older members and veterans so you can jump in and grow with them on a higher level!

learn and grow in a suportive community

Support & Community

Community is the cornerstone of Coach Connections.

And with us, you’ll get:

  • Daily DM and phone call access to myself and our expert mentors
  • Six office hours per month so you can chat directly with the experts and get all your burning questions answered
  • Structured programs that help you partner with other coaches designed to help you hold each other accountable
  • Access to our Mastermind sessions where we dive deep into the world of coaching, discuss best practices, and pick the brains of veteran coaches

An invitation to the International Financial Coaching Conference so you can learn, network, and grow on a grander scale

a time-tested process that advances your business quickly

Processes for Building Your Business

With us, you get everything you need to actually build and grow your business.

  • Design your business, find your niche, and hone your speciality through 1:1 mentoring
  • Get access to our signature Business Launch Kit which is a step-by-step guide to establish and run your business from government paperwork to budgeting
  • If building a website and handling tech isn’t your zone of genius, we’ll build you a custom branded site and guide you through payment processing and scheduling systems
  • You’ll also learn our Business Scaling System, our proprietary process that cuts coaching time by 80%

With features such as our Corporate Financial Wellness, and Business Financial Coaching subgroup, you’ll gain skills that will help you diversify your streams of income

learn marketing and sales techniques that work

Up Your Marketing and Sales

At Coach Connections, we want you to see real results.

And marketing is a HUGE part of upping your revenue!

Here’s how we can help:

  • You’ll learn our soft-close technique that yields in a 70% close rate, the highest in the industry
  • You will gain access to social media templates, swipe files, and expert training sessions you can use to boost your marketing strategy
  • We’ll teach you our signature VCP system that will help you increase your visibility, credibility, AND profitability
  • Our Social and Professional Networking program will give you the tools you need to elevate your professional marketing and increase the quality and quantity of your referrals

And more!

access a massive toolbox that advances your business quickly

Coaching Resources

Our Resource Library is chock-full of everything you need to grow your business like:

  • The Assistant Financial Coach - A series of online videos, resources and guides that you can use with clients
  • Our onboarding system helps you make a great first impression. With our techniques, you can provide new clients with online courses, resources, and guides to accelerate their transformation
  • The 15 Minute Spending Plan - A proprietary budgeting process designed so you can share it with your clients to help them easily create and maintain a spending plan
  • Best Practice Pricing- We'll share everything we've learned from hundreds of coaches about pricing and then help you dial it into your unique business
  • Best Practice Coaching Model - Our tried-and-true coaching model has been perfected and adjustable to fit your avatar
  • Technical Experts - It's important to be able to answer your clients questions which is why our community is so valuable. We have an expert that can answer pretty much any question your client will throw at you...and if not, we'll work together to get the answer

And so much more!

Let’s Talk Price

We have two different pricing options for you to choose from.





If you’d like to test us out, you always have the option to upgrade to an Annual membership later on!

moneyback guarantee

But, that’s not all

I’m so confident in our ability to transform your business, that I’m willing to bet money on it.


When you sign up, you have a full 30 days to experience Coach Connections in its entirety.

You get access to all the features, information, and resources our orientation members enjoy.

The only difference?

If you decide that the program isn’t a good fit, we'll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

So, you have nothing to lose, but a world of knowledge to gain.

Hear from more of our members!


Coach Connections is for you if:

You’re tired of working alone. While financial coaching is way more mainstream now that it was back in 2008, there is still so much you can learn and improve upon when you have the expertise of others to guide you

You realize that collaboration is the way forward and you’re tired of feeling like other coaches on the opposite side of the battlefield

You’re committed to taking your coaching practice to the next level. Sure, you’re happy with where things are right now, but you know deep down that you’re meant for greater things. You're meant for a larger network, higher client attraction rates, and more $$$ flowing into your bank account

You’re looking for a program that actually works. Maybe you’ve tried a million coaching courses, attended hundreds of Zoom sessions, or even been in a membership or two. Nothing worked, and you just need something that will give you the right guidance and help you see results while still allowing you the space to be unique

You want more opportunities to grow, whether that be perfecting your onboarding system, being on first-name basis with the best coaches in the industry, or getting a ticket to the most popular coaching conferences in the country. We also provide you with SuiteDash help, course-building assistance, and a space we like to call the ‘Kajabi Sandbox’ where you can go in and test drive Kajabi before you bite the bullet and create your own account

If you ticked off at least 3 of those points, Coach Connections is calling your name!

Still on the fence?

That’s 100% okay.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to decide if Coach Connections is the perfect fit for you.

So, to make hitting that ‘Enroll’ button easy for you, I want to answer a few questions about CC that you might have!


“I am so grateful and thankful for Coach Connections. I previously took a coaching course and I was still struggling since it didn’t give me anything useful.


Coach Connections on the other hand gave me systems and processes not only to put in place in my own business, but also for my clients! They’ve also given me a lot of support and continuing education. I am forever grateful for everything Coach Connections has done for me.”

Dawnette, P

Need a refresh?

Here’s exactly who should join Coach Connections

  • Coaches who have a full plate and who want a tried-and-true system to take their business to the next level
  • Coaches who want to get more clients and referrals
  • Coaches who need accountability to stay on track with their goals
  • Coaches who want to be a part of an invigorating group of like-minded peers and dedicated experts
  • Coaches who don’t want cookie-cutter strategies that could apply to anyone , but rather tailored strategies to suit their niche

Like What You Heard?

Let's Visit

We want to make sure that membership is right for you.  

The next step is for us to visit live to get to know each other and answer questions you have about membership.

We only open a couple times a year and are currently closed, but it's important to visit now to get on the list.

Send me an email with Subject Line: Coach Connections Interest and I'll forward my cell number and calendar link

My email is [email protected]

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