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Coach Connections, LLC provides financial coaches a step-by-step process to become confident, competent and profitable.  As you create your unique business by tapping into our proven best practices, you get ongoing mentorship and 'all access' availability from a team of experts.  Our collaborative environment facilitates live connections that accelerates growth and provides a confidence that you can handle any situation knowing you have the ongoing support and brain trust of a mastermind team behind you. 

Because each coach is encouraged to choose a specialty (single moms, newlyweds, adulting, wealth building, small business owners, mental health, etc.) they acquire a unique set of skills that allow them to guide clients to an even greater transformation.  Members can be showcased through the Accountable Network where clients can use the Coach Match process to find a coach that understands their unique situation and can move forward knowing their coach ‘get’s’ them.

(Photo from International Financial Coaching Conference - 2023)


History of Coach Connections

In 2007 I made the decision to build a financial coaching business.  While I had always been a student of personal finance and researched the core habits and behaviors of what wealthy people actually did, I spent 18 months deep diving to create a business plan and foundation I could build upon.  After interviewing 20 financial coaches, it was clear that there wasn't a blueprint for building a financial coaching business as only one of them had actually made a sale.  Thinking it would jump start my business and fill in the holes, I became a certified Dave Ramsey coach (at the time they certified) in 2009.  I didn't learn any business building information, systems or processes, and the technical knowledge slightly enhanced what they share in their Financial Peace University course.  What I did gain is connections with some additional coaches that had great hearts to serve.  I coordinated weekly meetings where we collaborate to solve problems, create best practices and learn from each other.

In 2009 I formalized the mastermind and it became what is known today as Coach Connections, LLC.  The first six years we were a private, invitation only group with a sole purpose to collaborate to help each other grow.  Almost 70% of the members had built their business to a profitable full-time status.  The power of the mastermind allowed me to create best practices in how to build a coaching business, the art of coaching, and technical knowledge.  One of the most powerful components to the mastermind has always been the interaction.  Members bring their client or business hurdle to the group and we do a roundtable discussion where we add our nugget of expertise and the outcome is a war chest of knowledge that we all can use.  Often these meetings resulted in a handout, video or resource that I would archive for other coaches to access when they needed it.  We have over 200 modules, guides and resources for members to use.  

During our National Financial Coaching Conference in 2016 members encouraged me to intentionally grow the group and that's when we moved from a private, invitation only group to an open one.  We open membership a few times a year through an Orientation process.


What is Orientation

Let me share a story to help you follow why we have Orientation.  As we added new members I noticed a disconnect similar to what happens in many Facebook groups.  At the start of a Facebook group members ask basic, foundation questions and everyone eagerly pours into the topic and growth brings them to a new level of knowledge.  They continue to scale their discussions to more advanced topics.  When a new member is added to the Facebook group, they post the same foundation questions that the founding members has already discussed in detail.  The veterans are trying to have 'next-level' conversations so they tell the newbie to 'search the thread for the topic' and the newbie doesn't feel served or part of the community. 

This is why I created Orientation for Coach Connections, LLC.  Orientation is a six month crash course to get new members up to speed on the core best practice systems, processes, guides and resources that we have perfected since 2009.  After completing Orientation, members can now speak the same language and are equipped to jump in and grow with the other members at a higher level.


The Most Valuable Part of Membership

While the content is amazing and every coach that has completed Orientation said it's better than any program they have experienced, the true value isn't the modules.  We are more than a course...the true benefit to Coach Connections, LLC is that we are 'Coaches that Connect' in a real way.  Members have full access to a team of experienced mentors...it's like picking up the phone and talking with a knowledgeable friend who really cares about your success.

Membership includes but isn’t limited to;

  • Unlimited access to a team of veteran coaches
  • Over 200 modules, guides and resources
  • Custom branded client onboarding system that makes you look like a pro out of the gate, reduces coaching time by 80%, and increases client transformation
  • Business Launch Kit
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Invitation to annual International Financial Coaching Conference
  • Invitation to Speakers Kit program designed for coaches that want to do workshops
  • Invitation to Business Mastermind for those pursuing business financial coaching


What's Next

We'll continue to iterate what we already have and listen to our members for new needs and opportunities.  Then we'll build it.  If you are serious about coaching, have a growth mindset and collaborative heart, we'd love for you to join us on the journey.


Founder - Dave Jacobson

Dave Jacobson has been a financial coach and national speaker since 2009, transforming thousands of families through his proprietary coaching system.  Founded the nationally recognized mastermind group Coach Connections, LLC, authored the Personal Finance Playbook workshop series, owns the Accountable Network, hosts The National Financial Coaching Conference, runs The Millionaire Roundtable, and is co-owner of Money Mavericks video game.  Dave lives in Maple Grove, MN with his wife of 21 years, son, and daughter.

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