Equipping passionate business owners with an authentic, non-salesy approach to create strong referral networks


Meet Sarah Westcott and Dave Jacobson... Since 2008 we've worked with hundreds of impatiently ambitious business professionals just like you. 

You have a passion to pour into your clients and transform their lives. 

You know there is a huge need for what you offer and that you have something great to share with the world - but you are disheartened and frustrated with your marketing results. 

You aren't a 'salesy' person, perhaps even shy or introverted. 

You want to show up authentically and build referral relationships that result in both your social & professional network sending you high quality referrals.

If this sounds like you, then our program is designed with you in mind.

Business Building By Referral Overview 

  • Transform family & friends into natural referral powerhouses - without begging or stalking
  • Develop a power team of professional referral partners who are committed to mutual success
  • Educate referral partners about who and how to refer you to increase quality and quantity of referrals
  • Implement a system of planning, tracking, tools and templates to elevate your professional marketing
I'm Ready to Build a Referral Network!

You Will Be Able To...

  • Relax when asked the dreaded question “What do you do?”

  • Describe your ideal client in a way that attracts referrals naturally

  • Build strategic referral relationships without selling to the room

  • Select the best networking activities for your style, goals and personality

  • Be more efficient with your time and marketing budget

A Simple Plan For Growing Your Business Through Referrals:


Show up authentically and professionally based on relationships and a mutual benefit that doesn't come across salesy or high pressure.

At it's core, the art of networking is authentically connecting opportunities through relationships. 

Gain Control

Become intentional with your marketing efforts by creating clarity, niching your focus and injecting customized tools to clarify your message. 

Identify your ideal client, emphasize their challenges and opportunities and clearly articulate your value. 

Set a Plan

Identify ideal referral relationships, select strategic networking opportunities, and establish and nurture fruitful connections. 

Move forward confidently and competently knowing your efforts are in alignment with your business goals.


Accelerate growth and inject self accountability by leveraging our customized process to strengthen profitable referral relationships.

Long-term referral relationships are the cornerstone to a growing, healthy, stable, profitable business.

I Want to Get More Referrals!

Imagine If

You Could...

  • Grow your business without having to make cold calls

  • Talk about your business socially without feeling you're bragging or selling

  • Consistently generate referrals from your family and friends without asking for a list of names

  • Confidently navigate networking situations without feeling uncomfortable or ineffective

  • Build a steady stream of warm referrals who are already familiar with and excited to work with you

  • Increase your sales pipeline without relying on leads engines or social media ads

  • Develop a team of dedicated business professionals committed to helping you grow your business

  • Never worry about your pipeline again

Hear What Others Have to Say...

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Anyone Can Network Successfully...

Hi, I'm Sarah Westcott.

I’m an introvert. And a nerd. I’m shy. I HATED the idea of networking. Those awkward meet and greets where everyone stands around making small talk and exchanging business cards. Those boring functions where you get trapped with someone with whom you have nothing in common. And don’t get me started about those aggressive networkers just waiting to pounce and try to sell you their latest and greatest product or business opportunity! It all felt like such a bunch of uncomfortable, inefficient, wasted time.

In 2008, when I launched my (second) career as a Wealth Coach, I naïvely believed what many rookie entrepreneurs assume: “If you build it, they will come.” I got an office. I paid for advertising peddled by a nationally known spokesperson. I shelled out monthly for a weak stream of cold leads that went nowhere. And I waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, in desperation, I braved the networking scene.

I attended the ubiquitous open networking events, trying to introduce myself and explain what I did over and over again. I attended the structured networking events where everyone got an individual opportunity introduce themselves to the room – and it wasn’t pretty! My face was red, my hands were shaking, and I was sure everyone in the room could see the wet spots under my arms from sweat and fear. I tried emailing and cold calling other professionals who I thought should be able to send me clients – and got nowhere.

Those were the early years. But a funny thing happened over time. I got GOOD at networking. I started learning what worked – and didn’t work – for me. I reframed my expectations about what networking could be and should be. And over time, I started sharing these principles with other business professionals like me. When my life turned upside down in 2015, leaving me as a single parent with 4 teenagers, the years invested in networking activities proved themselves solid gold.

Today, I run a thriving wealth coaching practice built entirely on the networking principles we share with you in this course. And, because I got GOOD at networking, I now also support other professionals in their networking efforts, locally responsible for generating millions of dollars in “thank you for closed business” annually.

These principles work, and I’m excited to share them with you. Enjoy the journey!

Business Building By Referral


  • 27 step-by-step modules
  • Live Zoom Q&A sessions
  • Customizable templates
  • Email scripts
  • Forms, guides, resources & support materials
  • ALIVE contact management system

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