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Coach Connections, LLC is an established and proven membership program and a benchmark in the financial coaching industry. 

Become Confident, Competent and Build a Profitable Business that is Authentic to you!


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Coaching Business

Below is a partial list of the offerings within membership


  • Support - Call, text, IM or send smoke signals anytime... no limit
  • Accountability - Several programs exist from challenges to accountability partner programs designed to keep you on track and accelerate your growth
  • Office Hours - Six times a month 
  • Culture - We believe there is no competition between coaches and that we can all work together to build each others business
  • Coach Accountability & Growth - Partner with other coaches in a structured program designed to push and hold each other accountable
  • Origin Stories - Veteran coaches share their struggles, breakthroughs and path to creating their dream coaching business
  • Private Facebook Group
  • National Financial Coaching Conference - For over 11 years, this gathering is a highlight for members
  • Mastermind Sessions - Designed for collaboration and creation of new programs, resources or business growth







  • Design YOUR Business - Through 1-on-1 mentoring craft the business of your dreams covering mission, vision and goals
  • Business Launch Kit - Step by step guide to establish and run your business from government paperwork to business budgeting & entrepreneurship
  • Time Management for Financial Coaches
  • Technology - What you need to know for payment processing and scheduling systems
  • Website - Custom branded site that incorporates industry best practices, connects payment and scheduling systems and includes hosting costs (coming soon)
  • Business Scaling System - Our proprietary process cuts coaching time by 80% 
  • Business Financial Coaching - A subgroup with awesome collaboration, tools, guides and best practice resources to enhance your business financial coaching practice
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income - We've helped several members create and market online courses
  • Speaking Series - Those interested in speaking and/or implementing financial wellness in organizations can join our Speakers Kit (small additional fee), that has been used in 100's of companies nationally



  • 70%+ Close Rate - Our proprietary soft close technique produces the highest conversion in the industry 
  • Intentional Marketing for Financial Coaches - Our process helps you clearly articulate who you serve increasing ideal referrals
  • Marketing Content - Gain access to social media content and swipe files you can use to build your business
  • Client On-boarding - Look an instant expert and professional when you provide clients a branded on-boarding system with online courses, resources and guides to accelerate their transformation
  • Marketing 3.0 - Whether it's our Social Media Challenge or Marketing Challenge, you'll have access to industry leading experts as they share techniques that have actually worked to attract ideal clients
  • Accountable Live - Events designed to feature you, give you exposure to the market and build your brand
  • Referrals - While nobody should join our membership because we share referrals, it is something that can happen 









  • The Assistant Financial Coach - A series of online videos, resources and guides that you can use with clients
  • The 15 Minute Spending Plan - Proprietary budgeting system you can use with clients
  • Best Practice Pricing - We'll share everything we've learned from 100's of coaches about pricing and then help you dial it into your unique business
  • Best Practice Coaching Model - Our coaching model has been perfected and adjustable to fit your avatar
  • Adaptable Guides and Processes - Another unique feature of our system is that it is adaptable to your unique business and client
  • Reality Coaching - Over 60 live coaching sessions...this is so much more powerful than role playing because it's real
  • Technical Experts - It's important to be able to answer your clients questions which is why our community is so valuable.  We have an expert that can answer pretty much any question your client will throw at you...and if not, we'll work together to get the answer
  • Coaching Skills/Tools - Resources, training and application examples to equip you with solid foundational coaching knowledge
  • Art of Coaching - Expert level coaching techniques
  • 300+ how to Videos, Guides & Resources



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You have a full 30 days to experience this immersive program while getting access to the industries leading information and resources before you commit to the full program. 

If you decide that the program is not a fit for you for any reason, no problem, we'll provide a full refund.

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