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What People Are Saying

"Having mentors I can reach out to at anytime to discuss client situations or business ideas is invaluable."

Dawnette P.

"I would not be here today if it wasn't for the support, encouragement and mentoring from Coach Connections. "

Jeremy E.

"Starting with Coach Connections would have shaved at least a year from my learning curve."

Maria H.

" I've had more clients in the last four months than I did in the last two years AND...at a higher rate."

Scott M.

"Since joining Coach Connections I've had a 100% close rate. In the last three and a half weeks I've grossed more than I did the last 20 months combined."

Carl M

"I've doubled my fee with no push back because of the value I now bring. I'm learning so much from the group along with the support and encouragement."

Jim W.

"Just closed my 5th client of the month...the Assessment Guide is GOLD!"

Lauren R.

If you want more than just an online course...

We provide best practices for creating your unique coaching business, developing technical knowledge, and implementing processes & systems.  More importantly we provide ongoing mentorship and ‘all access’ availability from a team of successful financial coaches.  The collaborative environment facilitates live connections that accelerates growth and provides a confidence that you can handle any situation knowing you have the ongoing support and brain trust of a mastermind team behind you. 

Whether you find yourself overwhelmed by...

technical knowledge requirements, short on time, confused about where to start, or find it difficult to make progress without accountability, membership provides a proven step-by-step process to create the ideal conditions for your transformation.

If you haven't made the progress you were hoping for...

it's just that you need community, accountability, and the transformation that we provide.  With topic specific mentors available to work with you 1-on-1, Q&A sessions, office hours, application sessions, a private Facebook group as well as our annual National Coaching Conference, you will have the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in the industry.

Mentoring & Encouragement

Most coaches feel like they are on an island, having to face difficult client situations and business questions on their own. The ability to visit live with mentors is one of the most valuable aspects to membership in Coach Connections. How available are we? Megan shares her experience...and this is before she even started the program!

Encouragement & Mentoring

The experience Megan shared in her post is exactly the feeling of confidence and competence that we want for you.  You want to serve your clients and guide them to amazing transformations...we want to provide you the support, encouragement, processes and systems to make that happen.

The best way to make your business a reality is to take the journey with trusted guides and mentors who have done this before.

With Coach Connections, LLC you don't just get access to one expert, but a team!

*Photo - Group gathering @ National Financial Coaching Conference

What's Included When You Join?

Program Calendar Orientation

Membership provides access to over 200 financial coaching education videos, support materials, online courses, checklists and guides for clients. 

We've taken over 10 years of best practice knowledge gained from a team of veteran coaches and put it into a step-by-step process to help you build a business unique to you. 

Even by just choosing the core information, we have enough high impact content to provide weekly discussions for six months! 

Below is a partial list of the first six months of weekly content.

Branding & Pre-Sales


Our step by step process to guide you through defining your unique business, ideal client and clearly articulate what you do so prospects are inspired to take action is critical to success.  These sessions incorporate a significant amount of group and 1-on 1 guidance.  

Lead & Referral Generation 


Now that you know the business you want to create and the clients you want to serve, it's time to intentionally attract ideal prospects.  We guide you through the process of creating multiple referral streams and identifying which process is ideal for you.  Because no one coach is an expert in all areas, we work to connect you with a veteran coach that has experience in your specialty.

Closing & Processes


You've attracted your ideal prospect, now it's time to convert them to a client using our 70% Close, on-board them and then proceed with our proven Guided Steps to Financial Freedom.



Gain exclusive access to additional content and niche training to help you increase your revenue, scale your business and decrease coaching time



Look like a pro!  Save time, increase retention and improve your clients' experience with marketing resources that tout your brand and contact information.



Imagine being able to pick up the phone or jump on a Zoom call anytime?  Whether it's application questions on the content, building your business or a question on how to navigate a client situation... members have the valuable opportunity to work with topic experts to address specific pain points.

Backed By Our "No Brainer" Guarantee

What do you have to lose?   You have a full 30 days to experience this immersive program while getting access to some industry leading information and resources before you commit to the full program.  If you decide that it's not a fit for you for any reason, no problem, we'll provide a full refund. 

In other words, you have nothing to lose! 

You are welcome to use what you learned and we will still be friends.

Still have questions? 

I'd love to visit, email founder Dave Jacobson...  

[email protected]

Membership Options

Membership is currently closed. We open a couple times a year and fill up fast. When you join membership, you start with a 5 month Orientation to launch or advance your business while we bring you up to speed on our proven systems, guides, and resources. Once Orientation is complete you gain 2.0 and 3.0 level content and collaboration that facilitates continued growth in coaching and scaling your coaching business.








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