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Your coach believes in ongoing growth and education and is a member of the premier financial coach membership organization, Coach Connections, LLC.   Members have access to the leading industry best practices and stay abreast of new techniques, tips and resources to bring the greatest transformation for their clients.

As part of their membership, your coach also has access to a group of coaches with a diverse set of qualifications and experience so if your unique situation requires specific knowledge or skills, your coach has access to a bank of specialists.


Your Coach Can Provide Access To;

  • The 15 Minute Spending Plan
  • Guided Steps to Financial Freedom
  • Business Launch Kit
  • Kids & Money Education Program(s)
  • Legacy of Love Planner
  • and More!

Coach Connections, LLC

Founded in 2009 by Dave Jacobson, Coach Connections, LLC is the industry leading financial coaching membership program.  Providing financial coaches a step-by-step process to become confident, competent and profitable.  Membership starts with a six-month orientation to get members up to speed on the core best practice systems, processes, guides and resources.  Through this process, they acquire knowledge of our Guided Steps to Financial Freedom program, 15 Minute Spending Plan and our proven client engagement program designed to reduce coaching time by 80% and increase client transformation.  It doesn’t stop at the completion of this six-month program.  Members are also part of an ongoing community that gives them 'all access' availability to a team of experts.  Our collaborative environment facilitates live connections that accelerates growth and provides a support system that allows them to handle any unique situation a client throws at them.  Coaches have ongoing support and brain trust of a mastermind team behind them. 

Six Month Orientation Included;

  • 118 training modules with over 100 hours of educational videos and resources
  • 46 Hours of application discussions (access to office hours and weekly orientation calls)
  • 7+ Hours 1-on-1 guidance with a mentor
  • Complete client on-boarding system


Ongoing Growth;

  • Monthly one hour Art of Coaching sessions where we discuss 2.0 level topics

  • National Financial Coaching Conference

  • Client Navigation Discussions – coaches are able to discuss unique client situations and have a team of veteran coaches share tips, ideas and insights they can bring back to their client as options.  All sessions are confidential as we don’t share client names…just concepts

  • Invitation to Business Mastermind for those pursuing business financial coaching

  • Unlimited access to a team of veteran coaches

Be sure your coach is displaying the current year Badge. 

This way you'll know they are still a member and continuing to improve as a coach to better serve you.

"Having mentors I can reach out to at anytime to discuss client situations or business ideas is invaluable."

Dawnette P.

"I would not be here today if it wasn't for the support, encouragement and mentoring from Coach Connections. "

Jeremy E.

"Starting with Coach Connections would have shaved at least a year from my learning curve."

Maria H.

"I've doubled my fee with no push back because of the value I now bring. I'm learning so much from the group along with the support and encouragement."

Jim W.


All coaches are independent business owners and do not represent Coach Connections, LLCCoach Connections, LLC acts purely as a mastermind group or conduit between members to share ideas, create best practice templates and guides based on the input of the group.  Any advice, recommendations or information gathered from the group should be used knowing that Coach Connections, LLC doesn't provide legal, accounting, financial or any other professional advice.  


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